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A Tain Tea on The Deck

Thistle patternI’m calling this a Tain Tea due to the new piece of Scottish Tain Pottery I bought yesterday at the Maine Highland Games. I picked up a large teacup and saucer at last year’s game from their Glenaldie pattern and when we went to Scotland in May, I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more of this lovely pottery around…or at least there weren’t the pieced that I was interested in.

Well, at yesterday’s games, that same vendor was there and they had the largest collection of the pottery I have ever seen. I could not resist, but DID show some restraint and only bought 4 pieces: a teacup and matching saucer, a small teapot, and a beautiful vase.

After picking up some scones and other assorted goodies at the game, I set out a lovely tea this morning on the deck where Dave joined me for some savories and sweets. Well, more sweets than savories. I also picked a few flowers from my garden to fill the new vase.

On the menu:

  • lemon and ginger scones
  • raspberry and chocolate chip scones
  • apple strudel (all three were from Eccles Cakes Pastries
  • white macadamia nut Welsh cookies from an vendor from Hornell, NY.
  • lemon curd
  • black forest ham with honey nut cream cheese tea sandwiches
  • the tea was a new decaf I’m trying. An Earl Grey decaf from Capital Teas. Very good!

The scones and apple strudel were incredibly rich and the lemon ginger had large chunks of fresh, sugared ginger in them. Dave said the raspberry chocolate chip scones were terrific. The black forest ham and cream cheese also went very well with the tea. It’s probably the closest decaf tea I ever had that tasted like the original caffeine version.

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